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Dining Tables

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Milli Dining Table
Milli Dining Table Sale price$1,024.99
Adalena Sale price$1,869.99
Atlantis Sale price$844.99
Caputo Sale price$754.99
Straight Edge Dining Table (Airloft Legs)Straight Edge Dining Table (Airloft Legs)
Bailey Dining TableBailey Dining Table
Bailey Dining Table Sale price$2,234.99
Paloma Dining TablePaloma Dining Table
Paloma Dining Table Sale price$974.99
Mario Glass Dining TableMario Glass Dining Table
Mario Glass Dining Table Sale price$1,279.99
Mario Marble Dining TableMario Marble Dining Table
Mario Marble Dining Table Sale price$1,699.99
Railwood Dining TableRailwood Dining Table
Railwood Dining Table Sale price$1,314.99
Erin Dining TableErin Dining Table
Erin Dining Table Sale priceFrom $759.99
Harmony Dining TableHarmony Dining Table
Harmony Dining Table Sale price$569.99
Serenity Dining TableSerenity Dining Table
Serenity Dining Table Sale price$1,589.99
Tulip Dining TableTulip Dining Table
Tulip Dining Table Sale price$314.99
Rodney Dining TableRodney Dining Table
Rodney Dining Table Sale priceFrom $479.99
Darlene Dining TableDarlene Dining Table
Darlene Dining Table Sale price$2,914.99
Cecilia Wood Dining TableCecilia Wood Dining Table
Cecilia Wood Dining Table Sale price$429.99
Carly Wood Dining TableCarly Wood Dining Table
Carly Wood Dining Table Sale price$394.99
Ava Dining Table
Ava Dining Table Sale price$454.99
Alex Dining TableAlex Dining Table
Alex Dining Table Sale price$1,694.99
Victor Dining TableVictor Dining Table
Victor Dining Table Sale priceFrom $369.99
Frances Dining TableFrances Dining Table
Frances Dining Table Sale price$364.99
Carol Dining TableCarol Dining Table
Carol Dining Table Sale priceFrom $334.99
Paolo Dining TablePaolo Dining Table
Paolo Dining Table Sale priceFrom $694.99
Kyros Dining TableKyros Dining Table
Kyros Dining Table Sale priceFrom $754.99
Lincoln Dining TableLincoln Dining Table
Lincoln Dining Table Sale price$359.99
Mario Dining TableMario Dining Table
Jagger Dining TableJagger Dining Table
Jagger Dining Table Sale priceFrom $679.99
Vista Wood Dining TableVista Wood Dining Table
Vista Wood Dining Table Sale price$439.99
Tudor Wood Dining TableTudor Wood Dining Table
Tudor Wood Dining Table Sale price$554.99
Sequoia Dining TableSequoia Dining Table
Sequoia Dining Table Sale price$1,124.99
Monti Dining TableMonti Dining Table
Monti Dining Table Sale price$1,014.99
LONDON DINING TABLE Sale price$684.99
JAMES DINING TABLE Sale price$589.99
HELEN DINING TABLE Sale priceFrom $319.99

Shop Dining Table Set in Canada

Looking for a stylish and classy Dining Table Set in Canada? Then try our modern dining table set to enhance the beauty of your dining area. United Canada has brought to you the various elegant designs of dining table set from Frances Moira Dining Set, having metallic table legs and premium quality glass on top, to Carol-Bromley Dining Set and Scarpa-Tudor Dining Set, coming with furnished wooden legs of table and a glass surface. Pick out the best-fit dining table set that suits your choice and home interior as well, allowing you to cherish your mealtime with loved ones.

What United Canada offers in its Dining Table Set

Top-notch Designs: From fancy and modern dining table sets to traditional and retro style ones, we have an array of top-notch designs in our collection. Whether you prefer to have a square, a rectangular or a round dining table set, we have covered all the designs and shapes.

High-level Customization: United Canada encourages you to personalize your own dining table set to a level until it matches your style. We allow you to choose your favorite color, material, design, and decorative stuff as well to make the dining set reflect your taste.

Comfort Seatings: Along with a dining table, you can order chairs that are crafted with high resiliency foam on the upper side and lower structure similar to the table, providing you a comfortable seating space and an elegant dining table set altogether.

Quality Composition: Our dining table sets are composed of premium quality wooden structure and/or sleek metallic body to support the sheer transparent glass as top surface of the table, along with the chairs having cushioned seat and back.

Different Sizes: At United Canada, you will find dining table sets in different sizes such as a dining table set for 4, or a dining table set for 6 members; which means you will get 4 or 6 chairs in your dining set based on your need and space, ensuring that there is sufficient room for chairs to be pulled out and for people to move around.

For your place, choose the most suitable dining table set.

Dining area is not just a place for having a meal, but a space for creating memories with your nearest and dearest ones. Thereby, consider a dining table set that can accompany you in various activities, be it your passion for artwork, the gaming sessions, cute home-dates, or any other adorable moments. Make sure the dining table set meets all your functional needs and fits perfectly in your lifestyle.

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