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Eco Friendly

Helping the environment by helping you save money with better quality bulbs.

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LED lights utilize two-lead semi conductors to give off a consistently bright, warm glow.

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Most LED lights are deemed safe under all conditions of normal use per guidelines.

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Tech Specs

LED lights can be easily and precisely dimmed by using a stroboscopic effect of pulse-width modulation.

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Lighting up the world

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The products created are based on a positive technique

United Canada Inc. has always pursued a high level of quality realized by our skilled engineers and corporate structure. We continue our commitment to the safety and durability, the quality of light, and the spaces that synchronize with the light.
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Switches & Outlets

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Paragon UC.F87

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Fan control switch, 1 gang

Jewel UC.J943

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10AX 3G 2way wide rocker switch

Paragon UC.F42

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10AX, Two way switch, single pole, 2 gang

Paragon UC.F64

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SAT socket, 1 gang

Jewel UC.J972

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45A 1G DP switch with neon (146mm)

Jewel UC.J991

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1G 250V 200VA Fan Regulator with 2way switch module

Jewel UC.J9RJ452

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2G RJ45 computer socket cat6

Paragon UC.FBTM

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1G BT Telephone Socket (Master)

Jewel UC.J914

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10A wide rocker bell switch

Jewel UC.J9431

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10AX 3G 1way wide rocker switch

Jewel UC.J9441

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10AX 4G 1way wide rocker switch and rocker

Let's save the world together

These leading electroluminescent lights are not only eco-friendly and effective, they also look great. Welcome to a brighter world!
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